Paolo Deandrea

born in Milan, Italy, 1963. Graduated at the Illustration and Comics school of Milan in 1985.
He draw illustrations, water colours, comics, stripes, and flash animations, for books, advertising, children's magazines and web sites.


Matt Lee

Since graduating from the University of Plymouth 4 years ago, I have been living and working in London as a freelance illustrator. For the last two years I have been illustrating the Financial Times Revolver art & culture column. Other clients include The Guardian, Orange, The Independent, Don?t Panic Media, HSBC, Shots Magazine, The Radio Times, Caspian Publishing, Time Out and The Association Of Illustrators.
My personal work Is concerned with our daily trials, portraying everyday realities through the use of metaphors and surrealism. I like humour that is tinged with a sadness. For me it is important that both are shown. My inspirations are Picasso paintings, Doctor Seuss books and Beach Boys records.
I am currently working on a script for an animation as well as a series of 50 drawings titled Elements. For This molskine project I have chosen a selection of 38 drawings from a series of 100, titled Lord, stay by me?. These drawings of characters praying were created between the hours of midnight and morning. Drawn on the back of an old role of newspaper, as well as paper from old unwanted books.
For me praying is less about religion and more a search, or a need for strength and primal hope.http://www.matt-lee.com

Jess Wilks

My work is the acknowledgment of a punch line. Like a joke, you either get it or you don't.
My images are assemblages that juxtapose humor and language. By attaching and integrating materials the work creates dense layers of information, which result in a visual translation of the contradictions and hostilities of modern life.
The limited use of text in my images provides a dialog in cultural self definition while tapping into a common language. By manipulating the context of words, the images explore the power of dialect and language and how this affects and helps to define who we are.
The unrefined figures in my paintings are the still laughing survivors of a hostile sensory overloaded society. They are both narrative and autobiographical.

I believe in the endless narrative possibilities of painting, and challenge the viewer to provide their own unique interpretationof each work.

Valeria Brancaforte

Valeria Brancaforte graduated in Slavic Languages and Literatures,
alongside cultivating her interest for printmaking, which became her
main mean of visual expression, where illustrations and text could
merge together and one become the other. Her work has received honors
from - among others - Print's Regional Design Annual, The European
Design Annual and John O'Reilly's "No Brief: Graphic Designers'
Personal Projects".
She loves: typography and dictionaries, foreign languages and words,
graphic design, painting and printmaking, exhibits, cinema and
theaters, people, animales and life, imagination and sense of humour.

Blanca Gomez

drawing and cutting minimal forms since 1978

Alberto Ruggieri

"ruggieri lives in rome where he works in two main areas: as an advertising
and editorial illustrator and a painter.
for the last fifteen years his illustrations have been published regularly
in most important italian newspapers and magazines.
ruggieri also illustrates children's books and produces bespoke book covers
for several leading publishing houses.
his painting are exhibited in art galleries in several towns.
his generic stock illustrations are also available through gettyone.com and
ruggieri's work has been highly commended in industry sponsored awards from
all around the world for several years."www.albertoruggieri.net


Paolo Carta

been born in Rome 6/01/1977,
alive and he works between Cagliari and Sassari (Italy),
where it frequents the specialistic course in "Video Art and Animation"
to the Art Academy (Accademia di Belle Arti).

Chiara Dattola

Chiara Dattola was born in 1978 in Varese. She obtained an Illustration Degree at the European Institute for Design in 2000. She publish with Archinto publishing house realizing one 3 publications in collaboration with the Theatre La Scala in Milan. Other collaborations are wtih: Hablo` edizioni, Paravia Bruno Mondadori and Zanichelli.She works for the following magazines: 24 Magazine ,Gioia, Top Girl, Elle Italy, Mondodomani - Unicef magazine, Internazionale, Sole 24Ore, Mamma moderna italian review. She collaborates with design and communication and advertising agencies like Leo Burnett for Philip Morris, HSL, Attila & Co.. Her works were shown in collective exposition in foreign country and in Italy.

Giorgia Atzeni

illustratrice free-lance vive e lavora a Cagliari. Specialista in Storia dell'Arte Moderna e Dottoranda in Letterature Comparate, ha collaborato con la Libreria Tuttestorie e la provincia di Cagliari, Salani editore. sara` ospite a Gavoi, Isola delle storie 2005, con la personale Girls.

Ignazio Fulghesu

(Graphic-designer vive e lavora Cagliari, http://www.logonek.com)

Francesco Sogos

(Art Director, Graphic e web-designer. Vive e lavora a Cagliari Nato a Macomer (NU) il 13 Agosto 1970, da 15 anni e´ titolare di uno studio di comunicazione visiva. Ha lavorato per: Comune di Cagliari, Energit, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Tiscali, Videoline, Video On Line, Universita` di Cagliari, Universita` di Sassari. Nel 2003 e´ entrato in Tiscali per occuparsi della progettazione grafica dei siti web del network. E' socio dell'Aiap, Associazione italiana progettazione per la comunicazione visiva.

Giorgio Plaisant

(Fotografo e graphic-designer free-lance diplomato all’Accademia di Belle Arti a Sassari, vive a Cagliari)

Albin Christen

(Nato nel 1974, illustratore free-lance in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Training as typographer and graphic artist, followed by the perhaps rather accidental recognition of this drawing skills: the discovery of his fabulous comic creatures led to his first commission and then to a studio of his own. Best reference: his internationally recognised design for the world-famous Montreux jazz festival)

Penelope Dullaghan

(Illustratrice free-lance vive e lavora a Indianapolis Indiana, USA work:http://penelopeillustration.com
play: http://illustrationfriday.com)

Stefania Garuti

I graduated from The Bologna Academy of Fine Art in 1997.In 2000, I
illustrated a booklet published by Pulcinoelefante.
In Bologna in 2002, I won first prize in the "Baraccano" competition and
in 2003 came first in the illustration section of the biennial "Iceberg"
In 2003, I received first place in the competition run by the town of
Pasiano based on images for fairy tales.
I also won the competition "Acquaviva nei Fumetti" based in Ascoli
Piceno. In the same year, I was also nominated for the following
competitions: "The Mysterious East" based in Chioggia, "The Revered"
based in Riccione and "VEET,Women who smile"judged in Milan.
In 2004, my illustrations have been selected at the Exhibition of
Illustrator of Bologna, also "Circus" competition based in Chioggia and
I won first prize in the “Puss in Boots” competition, based in Turin.
In 2005 my illustrations has been published in the book "Please, Thank
you", by Esserci. I currently pursuing the profession of teaching Art in

Luca Merendi

(Illustratore e web-designer free-lance. Vive e lavora a Milano)

Vinicio Tedde

He was born in 76
He lives in Cagliari, Sardinia
Heユs an illustrator, a painter, a and a writer too.
He likes music, poetry, design and books.
You can find his works on http://obliq.blogspot.com

Simone Cantarelli

(Cagliari 1975) Graphic designer, graduated in Modern litterature, he lives in CAGLIARI. He likes classical and jazz music, and has composed sonorous columns for theatre and videos. He has created Jobook's world with Giorgia Atzeni.website: www.simonecantarelli.it ←音がかわいい!↑(Graphic and web-designer Cagliari, www.thejobook.com; www.grafetgraf.com)

David Miller

www.millergrafika.comTrained at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris, David Miller's illustrations and paintings reveal a disquieting fantasy world influenced by Eastern European art and design nurtured during extensive journeys to Prague. Fascinated by Bohemian circus life and the Czech tradition of pantomime theater, children's books, and animation, Miller has imagined a very personal world of hybrid characters with contrasting features and fantastic bodies, surrounded by tapered bestiary images that a child might dream of. Visually striking and frightening, the collages, scribbled sketches, and writings present subtle and odd sense of humor.
Among Miller's accomplishments include the illustrations for Milan Kundera's book covers for the European paperback market. His work is frequently seen in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, GQ, and Penthouse, and his submissions make their way yearly into Communication Arts illustration annual and American Illustration. In 2002 he was awarded the Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York for their 54th annual competition in the advertising category.
Miller has shown his work in galleries all over the world, most notably in an exhibition in Italy entitled "Contemporary American Illustration". This exhibition brings thirty of America's most cutting-edge illustrators to Rome, Venice, Bolzano, Padua, and Cagliari for a two year period sponsored by the Italian government. In the spring of 2002 he returned to that most influential city of Prague where he was invited to exhibit paintings in the prestigious U prstenu Gallery located in the Old City. This gallery regularly exhibits the Czech Republic's most highly regarded graphic and fine artists.
Notable projects include participating in the creation of Astrobase Go! A design collective in New York's Lower East Side, Astrobase Go! is a multi-disciplined "base" where animated and live action films, print and web design, painting and illustration are created. Miller has also had long running editorial assignments such as a seven year monthly drawing in Penthouse magazine.


Oscar Julve


Oscar Julve (Barcelona, 1972). I finished my Fine Art degree in 1995, and since that year I've been working as an illustrator in several projects. I've been combining children illustration and comic-books, for several editors.
I have collaborated with editorials, design studios, publicity agencies and also tv producers. I also work as an art teacher with students between 12 and 18 years old.

In the sketchbook you will receive (I hope), there is a part of my work about the Spanish Civil War (1936). I'm very interested in this subject and I'm working in a comic book about the firsts days of this war in my city Barcelona.

tacaco matsuoka


tacaco matsuoka(Osaka japan 1970) Illustrator

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